Phiên Âu 2/3/2011

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GOLD‏ (Spot) intraday: bullish bias above 1417
Our Preference: LONG positions above 1417 with 1439 & 1448 as next targets.
Alternative scenario: The downside breakout of 1417 will open the way to 1412 & 1405.
Comment: the price is challenging the upper boundary of its rising channel and a fall back towards 1417 cannot be ruled out ahead of a new up leg.
Trend: ST Ltd upside; MT Bullish
Key levels Comment
1455* Fib projection
1448* Fib projection
1439*** Fib projection
1430 Last
1417** Intraday pivot point
1412** Intraday support
1405** Intraday support
EUR/USD intraday: under pressure.
Pivot: 1.3825.
Our Preference: SHORT positions @ 1.3815 with 1.3725 & 1.369 in sight.
Alternative scenario: The upside breakout of 1.3825 will open the way to 1.3855 & 1.39.
Comment: the pair has broken below its rising trend line and remains under pressure.
Trend: ST Ltd Upside; MT Range
Key levels Comment
1.39** Intraday resistance
1.3855** Intraday resistance
1.3825** Intraday pivot point
1.376 Last
1.3725** Intraday support
1.369** Intraday support
1.3645*** Intraday support
GBP/USD intraday: under pressure.
Pivot: 1.6285.
Our Preference: SHORT positions @ 1.6275 with 1.6195 & 1.615 in sight.
Alternative scenario: The upside penetration of 1.6285 will call for 1.6335 & 1.639.
Comment: the pair is on the downside and is challenging its support, the RSI is mixed to bearish.
Trend: ST Ltd Upside; MT Range
Key levels Comment
1.639** Intraday resistance1.6335** Intraday resistance1.6285** Intraday pivot point1.6232 Last1.6195** Intraday support1.615** Intraday support1.61** Intraday support